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Partnering with GEM SLEEP means..

Lower Episode Costs - GEM SLEEP will save money by reducing episode costs. Our analysis shows that the integrated GEM experience can reduce costs by >$1,000 per patient from diagnosis to treatment. ​

Timely Access – GEM SLEEP solves access to care concerns by simplifying the OSA member journey and saves time by defragmenting the experience. GEM creates timely access to diagnosis and treatment.  No more waiting 2-3 months to see a Sleep Doctor.  Access a Home Sleep Test within 1-2 days. Access to treatment (i.e. CPAP) within 14 days. ​

Innovation in Virtual Specialty Care – be a first-mover in the untapped, highly fragmented OSA market, bringing innovative specialty care solutions to clients, prospects, and members.

GEM SLEEP brings innovation to the virtual specialty care space that saves money and creates a more timely and better member experience.
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