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GEM HEALTH is determined to make healthcare, and all aspects of receiving the care a patient needs, simpler for everyone.  Patients deserve simple, hassle free and affordable care that works. Clinicians should focus on providing care, not administering the business of care. Insurance companies and employers should have confidence in the partners they choose; that partners are focusing on reducing costs for everyone and driving positive outcomes.

GEM HEALTH is the company and platform driving towards these ambitious goals in specialty care. Specialty care picks up where Primary Care hands off and is their partner to help diagnose, treat, and support patients at scale.  GEM’s first offering, GEM SLEEP, will be the first patient focused solution that solves the most pressing problems in Sleep Apnea – one partner to help navigate the end-to-end process in an accessible and affordable manner.

Come help us build the platform that consumers truly want, but rarely expect and receive, for their health.

Role Overview:

GEM seeks a Coach to work directly with GEM patients navigating sleep care. This position is the primary and key relationship with patients that helps each patient navigate getting a diagnosis, selecting a treatment, and successfully adopting that treatment into their life. As a member of an early-stage business, you will also directly impact the trajectory of the business, and specifically the evolving design of the coaching program using your experience with behavior change and change management approaches. The GEM SLEEP Coach is responsible for each individual patient, including connecting the patient with other GEM SLEEP care team members as needed.

Areas of Responsibility:

Areas of responsibility include: coaching skills, change management focus, understanding sleep apnea and sleep apnea treatments, continual training, motivating and encouraging patients, achieving outcomes as measured by patients on treatment and adhering to treatment, patient satisfaction, and contributing to the accomplishment of the GEM SLEEP program and coaching operations. The scope of conditions covered may expand over time, so a willingness and interest to learn about new areas is critical.


Daily Responsibilities:

  • A Coach provides telephonic and text coaching for patients navigating a diagnosis of sleep apnea or adapting a new sleep apnea treatment.  
  • Follows a coaching protocol to engage with patients at key points in their journey on lifestyle management, behavior change and treatment troubleshooting.
  • Identifies patients who are falling off track, engaging them and helping them get back on track
  • Review data for the patient’s therapy and self-reported data – using the data to identify issues or encourage successes  
  • Escalate issues to other members of care team
  • Perform support functions (helping with order issues, simple technical support) as needed to serve as primary point of contact to member
  • During a typical coaching interaction, coach will:
  • Listen to patient’s needs and work with them to develop and document a realistic adoption plan using behavior change strategies
  • Share progress data
  • Share tips for improvement based on a pre-existing curriculum
  • Educate on proper use, maintenance and care of therapy
  • Troubleshoot treatment issues
  • Personalize the program to the patient to activate outcomes progression.  
  • Coach will support each member in areas of change to ensure they key tools, information, technology and coaching support to achieve their goals.
  • Success for a patient is successful adoption of their treatment, within 90 days

Coaching Skills

  • Manage members through our program using foundational coaching process
  • Provide 15-30 minute telephonic coach calls for members using evidence based information
  • Assist consumers' progression through the stages of behavior change
  • Ability to empathize, motivate, and encourage all members towards healthy changes
  • Clearly understand the coaching process and change management, the basics of sleep apnea, how sleep apnea treatments work and how to troubleshoot issues, the tenants of GEM SLEEP to achieve adoption
  • Interest and eagerness to learn about additional conditions and expand coaching repetoire

Technology Skills

  • Ability to effectively use web and PC tools to manage coaching clientele
  • Able to adapt and learn new technology as released
  • Willingness to learn new tools to incorporate into coaching

Communicate Effectively

  • Communicate in person, by phone, or via e-mail in a professional and friendly manner
  • Create, compose, and edit written materials as needed
  • Communicate technical information to nontechnical personnel
  • Confident to be on cameral for live and recorded video coaching

Act as a Team Player

  • Work cross-functionally and collaboratively with other departments and coaches
  • Attend, participate and arrive on time to meetings with a professional, team oriented presence
  • Accept constructive feedback for continual improvement
  • Contribute to a team atmosphere where a team approach is highlighted and valued

Support Change and Innovation

  • Adapt, embrace and engage in changes required to achieve value and productivity
  • Able to work in start-up and developing environment
  • Use creative ideas to help drive program and member innovation
  • Willing to engage in new pilots, research and implementations as needed
  • On the job training and learning
  • Support continuous improvement of the coaching program, using your experience with change management models to standardize coaching program for future coaches
  • Willing to serve as an external face of coaching program, such as in patient-facing webinars or videos

Deliver Quality Results

  • Monitor and facilitate workflow, maximizing resources to provide quality member support
  • Identify problem areas and develop contingency plans
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Contribute to the positive culture within GEM

Operation within Core Competencies

  • Maintain call observation scores based on targets within the Coaching department
  • Maintain defined scheduled adherence to ensure maximum levels of service to our customers.
  • Focus on key activities to promote greatest member success (calls, videos, etc.)
  • Meet or exceed monthly member satisfaction expectations to maintain perceived value .

Success Measures:

  • Customer satisfaction/NPS
  • Patient treatment adoption
  • Minimizing hand offs for patients

Required Qualifications

  • 1+ years or Coaching/Behavior Change experience with proven results
  • Background in Health and Wellness  
  • Experience working with groups and individuals virtually (video conference, telephonic, etc.)
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Proficient in word processing, spreadsheet and electronic communication software program
  • Experience working in HIPAA regulated environment

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Experience in sleep or sleep apnea
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) or working on attaining it
  • Bachelors or higher degree in related field
  • Additional professional certifications in health/wellness

Yes, up to 25%
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